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Mr. Spainhour has handled several legal matters on mybehalf. Kevin is that rare & scarce lawyer in the "White Hat" that anyone hopes for when involved in any unnerving & angst filled litgation. The litigation was complex at times & took many unforseen & convoluted directions during my specific litigation. Once you listen to his explanations
coupled with his legal strategies, you realize his ethics & sense of justice. 
At all times I found him to be a good listener, patient & compassionate.
His advise was straighforward, reasonable, prudent & spot on. 

One of my legal issues, involved litigation regarding another attorney I unfortunately misplaced my trust in for malpractice. The other attorney clearly blatently overbilled, performed unecessary work & completely took advantage of the term "open Book" etc. Kevin was able to sift through the legal minutiae succinctly & cut to the chase. He has the ability, passion & talent to grasp the core & essence of the issues wihout timely & costly legal strategies etc. Through Kevin's advice & guidence we were able to
successfully recover money that was spent & I had long thought gone. 

I TRUST & recommend Kevin without hesitation or reservations for any
litigation needs. I'm confident that Kevin truly has the client's best interest rather than his own agenda & interests which I have unfortunately found
from my previous experiences with other attorneys. 

Lance Harris

Litigation Client

Kevin took great care of me! I wish there were more attorneys out there like him. I have not had very good luck with attorneys in the past, but Kevin and his staff made what was looking like a very bad situation not so bad. My insurance company was trying get out of paying me what they owed me. I sent my case to a few attorneys and they all told me it was a looser and they could not help me. I sent my case to Kevin and with in 2 hours he had a plan and ultimately we won the case!! Kevin, I can't thank you enough for helping me!!

Kyle Lewis

Insurance Client

Mr. Spainhour is someone you want on your side of any legal matter.  He gave me great confidence in his approach on how to handle a number of lawsuits. I then witnessed him in action as he successfully brought to a positive conclusion a number of lawsuits for me. This included him being very mindful of wasting my time and my money. I can only recommend him to people that don't want to beat around the bush seeking a definite strategy for the best outcome possible.


Real Estate Client

Mr Spainhour came highly recommended from a good friend of mine. Working with Mr Spainhour has been such a pleasure I can always count on him to return a phone call or a e-mail with a quick response which I have found very rare with other lawyers and don't find my self stressed out waiting. If your looking for a great lawyer to get the job done then you found him.


Litigation Client

Kevin Spainhour is a knowledgeable and honest attorney. He has guided me professionally in different aspects of my business from its development to a current litigation I am envolved with. He has given me sound advise each step of the way.


Business Client

We use Mr. Spainhour for our business operations as well as personal matters. He is very quick to return calls and responds by emails as well. His knowledge in the real estate industry is very helpful and with his background he's a perfect fit for our legal needs.

Current Client

LLC Client